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During your next meeting, Targeted Performance Partners can create and manage an interactive learning event that engages all members of the sales force in fun, informative and competitive activities. Capitalizing on the natural competitive nature of sales representatives, we’ll have your reps working individually and in teams as they compete to achieve goals and earn rewards. Sales reps get involved in the meeting like never before by taking part in exciting games, puzzles, team activities and individual challenges that encourage interaction and learning. Our customized activities incorporate and reinforce your core meeting theme and the key sales & marketing messages delivered during the meeting — key messages that you want to make sure your sales force understands and acts on when they head back to their territories.

Please see our Interactive Learning Events FAQ, or contact us to see how Targeted Performance Partners can help you with your next meeting.

Contact us today to discuss a variety of options for accomplishing your goals with a customized interactive learning event at your next meeting.

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