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About TPP

In 2001, Jim McGuire and Patricia Strandboge introduced Targeted Performance Partners as a health care sales consulting company specializing in creating programs around the topics of sales execution, knowledge and motivation that bridge the gap between home office strategy and field force execution. Jim and Patricia have more than 40 years of successful Pharma, health care and biotech experience in Sales, Marketing, Sales Training and Professional Development. This experience enables us to provide customized sales, marketing and training support that results in realistic and actionable programs for our clients. Some examples of the work we do include customized selling approaches for new and mature-phase products, training materials and workshops for sales representatives, Web-based training and testing programs, and interactive learning events for national and regional sales meetings.

TPP Philosophy

When you take a high degree of personal and professional pride in what you do, not just any resources will suffice. From time to time, most organizations find that business demands stretch their resources to the limit. Targeted Performance Partners was founded in order to provide qualified additional resources for our clients whenever the need arises. We share your desire to deliver a high quality result, despite internal strains on resources. When you work with us, it is this desire, combined with our specific expertise and industry knowledge and experience, that will enable you to deliver sales, marketing and sales training support programs of the highest possible quality.

We extend this philosophy to those who participate in our programs. Our goal is to ensure that anyone who participates in one of our programs will perform their responsibilities more effectively as a result of their participation. Learners emerge with enhanced skill and confidence to exceed performance expectations thanks to the realistic and actionable programs we deliver.

Industry Experience

You can count on Targeted Performance Partners to deliver a program that meets your needs because we understand them. Our founders’ past responsibilities include Manager and Director-level positions in Sales, Sales Training, Marketing and Human Resources, all within the pharma & biotech industry. This depth and range of experience allows us to bring an understanding and creativity to your project that is the hallmark of our work.




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