Training Solutions

Targeted Performance Partners specializes in sales training and skill development, and focuses on creating high-quality learning materials and programs customized to meet the needs of our pharmaceutical, biotech and health care clients. Whether you need a comprehensive product launch training program for your entire sales force, or Web- or paper-based training materials, Targeted Performance Partners can design and deliver a program that matches up with your company’s specific needs and challenges, and ensures that your training objectives are met. In addition to focusing on what your company needs, Targeted Performance Partners also takes into account the varied needs of individual learners by incorporating into our training programs the key principles of adult learning.

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Sales Training Management & Consulting

For emerging or growing pharmaceutical and biotech companies, Targeted Performance Partners offers training management and consulting services. If your company does not have an internal sales training staff, is experiencing training resource constraints, or has a need for experienced sales training personnel to manage a special project, Targeted Performance Partners can step in and help. Our staff of experienced former sales training Directors and Managers are available on a short- or long-term basis to manage your sales training projects and function as an integral part of your team.

Distance Learning

Web-based training solutions continue to grow in importance as effective learning tools, especially for sales representatives and managers who spend the majority of their time in the field. Targeted Performance Partners has the experience you need when considering this option. We have launched web programs in dozens of countries in a multitude of languages to ensure that clinical, product, and technical information, as well as important competitive facts, are completely understood by on-line learners.

Our programs feature exciting graphics, animation and audio, as well as assessment capabilities, to bring together all of the elements necessary to enhance the on-line learning experience. Targeted Performance Partners can also provide secure internet hosting in which learners are provided with a unique User ID and Password and are able to access the content via any standard internet connection.

Training Workshops

As effective as distance learning can be in meeting specific training objectives, there is often no substitute for the high-energy, interactive experience of a well-organized, application-based training workshop. Targeted Performance Partners can create, manage and deliver customized training workshops for your sales representatives, sales trainers and sales managers at your company’s headquarters or during national or regional meetings. Workshops can also be created for delivery by your in-house facilitation team of trainers and/or managers. Targeted Performance Partners can provide your facilitators with detailed Leader’s Guides and deliver a customized Train-the-Trainer session to ensure that your team is ready. Areas we focus on include sales orientation programs for newly hired sales representatives, a wide variety of sales force skill development workshops, train-the-trainer programs for new and experienced sales trainers, product launch workshops, and mature-phase reinforcement workshops.

Field Sales Training

Targeted Performance Partners has extensive experience creating and managing national field-based training programs, and developing highly-skilled teams of trainers and managers to implement field training solutions. We can create and deliver skill development programs for your trainers and managers to prepare them for the unique challenges of one-on-one coaching sessions, design and deliver training to ensure complete and accurate knowledge and ability among your field sales training team, and create customized work contact assessments and evaluation tools for your trainers and managers to utilize in the field. Additionally, Targeted Performance Partners can perform needs assessments to determine your company’s specific training needs, and to evaluate the effectiveness of field sales training initiatives.

On-Line Assessments

Targeted Performance Partners can help you measure the achievement of learning objectives through the use of customized on-line assessments and evaluations. Targeted Performance Partners can host your company’s assessment on our secure Web server and provide each user with a unique User ID and Password to access the assessment site with any standard internet connection and web browser. Our assessment tool automatically grades each assessment and posts results on a secure, customized reporting page that will produce territory and national reports listing names, territory numbers, completion dates and scores for all users who have taken the assessment. Users are notified immediately of their score, and those who do not achieve the required score can be instructed to re-take the assessment.

Areas of Expertise

We bring the knowledge and talents of experienced industry professionals to contribute to every aspect of your company’s training project. Should you select us to work with you on a project, we will bring the knowledge and talents of the following experienced industry professionals to contribute as necessary.

Medical Experts
Content Developers
Instructional Designers
Workshop Facilitators
Project Managers
Training Managers
Field Trainers
E-Learning/Computer-Based Training Specialists
Web/CD-ROM Designers
Audio & Video Training Experts
Graphic Artists
Printing & Production Specialists



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