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Targeted Performance Partners can help you bring out the best in your people, your meetings and your company.

Gathering your entire sales force together is a unique opportunity to communicate key information to your reps and managers, and a tremendous investment in your sales force. Add value to your investment and give your meeting lasting impact by incorporating an interactive learning event into your next meeting.



Interactive Learning Events FAQs

How much meeting time do I need to set aside for an interactive learning event?

Interactive learning events are customized to meet your needs, so there is no set amount of time that is required. We will work with you to put on the best possible program within the time frame you provide. Contact us to discuss a variety of options for making an interactive learning event work with your meeting agenda.

What if I don’t have any extra time on the agenda?

No problem. Our interactive learning events can run concurrently with your agenda. Short challenges and activities can be distributed and completed during breaks and meals that are already built into the agenda. Additional team-based activities can be incorporated into regional or district breakouts as well. We can also create pre-meeting activities that will prepare your reps for the fun and excitement to come. Contact us to discuss a variety of options for making an interactive learning event work with your existing agenda.

How is this different from a team-building activity?

Team building is just one of many aspects of a creative learning event. A typical team-building activity is a stand-alone exercise that usually does not relate directly to your company’s current business objectives or your meeting content. Most team-building activities focus on fun with maybe a little creative problem solving thrown in. Interactive learning events feature team-building and much more, while accomplishing specific learning objectives that directly relate to your company’s goals and your meeting content.

How much is this going to cost?

As each learning event that we create is customized to your meeting and agenda, we will design a program that will not only meet your needs, but also your budget.

Who will run the event at the meeting?

Targeted Performance Partners staff will be on-site at your meeting working to handle all the details related to your program. We will set-up and staff an Event Headquarters where all meeting attendees can ask questions and receive information about the events that are taking place.

What will the event be focused on?

We will work with you to determine which topics are most important to you and should therefore be top-of-mind with everyone who is attending the meeting. From products, disease states and competitors, to company goals and meeting messages, we will create an event that communicates your vision.



  • Get your reps more involved
  • Build teams wihtin the sales force
  • Get your reps to learn and share ideas for sales success
  • Create excitement & enthusiasm
  • Get your reps fired up to attain their quotas

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