Targeted Pharmaceutical Selling

A Physician-Centered Approach to Selling Pharmaceuticals

When a member of your sales force is face-to-face with a physician attempting to change the way that person practices medicine, what the Sales Representative has to say better be valuable and on-target, or the selling opportunity that they have fought so hard to get will be lost. Targeted Pharmaceutical Selling, a comprehensive selling skills program, is as important to the success of your Sales Representatives as the product samples and promotional material that they use on a daily basis. TPS utilizes a physician-centered approach to selling pharmaceuticals that provides your Sales Representatives with a focused, actionable plan to make the most out of each and every selling opportunity.

TPS provides a model for planning, executing and analyzing each sales call. By remembering three simple acronyms — ADAPT, SELLING, and U-WIN — your Sales Representatives will be on the road to success with TPS.

ADAPT Call Planning

From analyzing physician records and reports, to preparing selling tools to be used on the call, the ADAPT model provides your Sales Representatives with an easy-to-follow road map for the pre-call planning stage.

The SELLING Process

All the necessary ingredients for conducting a successful sales call with a physician are included in the SELLING model. Your Representatives will create attention-getting openers and carry the call through to gaining a commitment to prescribe in this straightforward and easy-to-apply format.

U-WIN Call Analysis

The U-WIN approach will help your Sales Representatives make the long-term progress that is the key to sustained success. This strategic approach to selling will enable your Representatives to implement and follow-up on plans that may have gone unfulfilled in the past.

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