Targeted Selling Skills Workshops

Do you have a District meeting coming up? Do you have some less experienced sales representatives who could use some additional training and practice? Would you like to offer training, but don't have time to create it yourself? Have you looked into "off the shelf" training programs, but find that they don't apply to pharmaceutical and biotech sales? If so, our Targeted Selling Skills Workshops could be just what you're looking for. We offer workshops, on everything from opening a sales call to running a dinner meeting, that are easy-to-use, adaptable to your situation and can be delivered by you with the help of our step-by-step Leader's Guide that comes fully developed for each topic. The Leader's Guide contains:

Choose from any of the workshops listed below, and we'll ship your Leader's Guide out to you right away. Or, let us know about a topic you're interested in, and we can create a program to meet your needs.